Removed all pebbledash to front exterior, full brick clean, tuck pointed arch above porch, full repoint to brickwork in lime mortar

Render removed, full clean to original yellow stock bricks, only 2 bricks needed replacing (included in quotation), all brickwork repointing in beautiful original lime mortar in a flush finish.

Removal of textured Sandtex paint to brickwork, full brick clean and a full repoint in original lime mortar

Pebbledash removal, full brick clean and lime repoint. Hand full of bricks replaced with matching stocks.

Brickwork restoration Brickwork restorationFull brickwork restoration. Brickwork cleaned, damaged bricks replaced with matching stocks and repointed back in lime mortar.

Pebbeldash removed, brickwork cleaned, Repointed Lime mortar Pebbledash removalPebbledash was safely removed, brickwork cleaned back to original appearance, handful of damaged bricks were then replaced with matching yellow stocks, brickwork fully repointed in original lime mortar. Leytonstone, East London

Brick cleaning, Lime mortar Repointing, London Brick cleaning, Lime mortar Repointing, LondonBrickwork cleaned back to its original appearance and then repointed in original Lime mortar. Leytonstone, East London.

Brick tinting Essex Brick tinting EssexBrick matching (tinting) Harlow, Essex

Pebbledash removal, Brickwork cleaned, Replacment of damaged bricks, Lime repointing  Pebbledash removalRemoval of pebbledash, brickwork cleaned back to original colour, damaged bricks replaced with matching, repointed in original lime mortar.

BRICK CLEANING/ REPOINTING/ LIME MORTAR BRICK CLEANING/ REPOINTING/ LIME MORTAR Brickwork cleaned back to original colour, damaged bricks replaced, repointing to all brickwork using original lime mortar.